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LEDs make life brighter

There are many advantages to LEDs. They last a long time, and save you money while saving the planet too.

Apr 23, 2014

By: Elina Blom
Photo: Mattias Karlsson

You may have noticed that over the past few years the EU has been phasing out traditional incandescent light bulbs. As they were phased out, alternatives started being developed and LED lighting has grown to become an important alternative.
LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. The light is created when electricity passes through it. For LEDs to work, they need a fitting and a power unit, although many have the power unit built into the fitting.

This is how the different types of bulb differ 

The advantages of LED technology include the fact that the lamps last a long time, that with the right dimmer the light can be adjusted seamlessly from 0-100, that they use considerably less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs and they don’t get hot like traditional bulbs do either. 

“LEDs last longer than both low-energy and halogen bulbs, and they use less power than halogen bulbs too,” says Daniel Nordahl, lighting product manager at Clas Ohlson. 

The slightly more expensive price is made up for by a considerably longer lifetime than other types of bulb. LEDs often last between 20,000 and 25,000 hours, while halogen bulbs have a lifetime of about 2,000 hours and low-energy bulbs about 10,000 hours.

The best of two worlds 

Up until now, LEDs have been criticised for giving off slightly too cold a light. Clas Ohlson wants to show you that this isn’t still the case and this autumn is launching a new series of bulbs known as Haled.

“The Haled range takes the best from halogen and the best from LEDs. It has the warm colour of halogen bulbs combined with the long lifetime and low energy consumption of LEDs,” says Daniel Nordahl.

Light up your home 

Instead of having just one central lamp, it’s better to spread the light out in several spots . Having a single light can make the space feel smaller and creates lighting contrasts that can irritate the eyes.. 

Uplighters: Lamps facing upwards that reflect the light via the ceiling. 
Downlighters: Lamps facing downwards, often inwards, good for setting a mood. 
Spotlight: Lamp with a low spread directly focussed on a particular point or object in the room.

Dimmable LEDs 
A normal bulb for seamless lighting control. 
Dimmable: Yes 
Lifetime: 20,000 hours 
Fitting: E27 
Power: 7 Watts 
Other information: Only for incandescent or LED dimmers, warm white light 2,700K

RGB bulb LED 5 W with remote control A bulb with an extra long lifetime and a remote control for changing the colour of the light. 
Dimmable: Yes 
Lifetime: 30,000 hours 
Fitting: E27 
Power: 5 Watts 
Other information: Choose from 16 different colours on the remote control.

Loke LED spotlight 
A practical spotlight with a mounting clamp and metal shade. 
Max. power: 2 W 
Bulb included: Yes 
Other information: Comes in white, black, green and cerise, Colour temperature: warm white, 3,000 K, lifetime 20,000 hours

Olle desk lamp 
A minimalist desk lamp in a range of colours. 
Max. power: 40 W 
Bulb included: No 
Other information: Comes in silver, black, blue and red, with an E14 fitting, height: 34 centimetres

LED set 
Give your home a sense of style by lighting a wall or shelf. 
No: 3 but can be expanded to 6
Temperature range: – 30-30 °C 
Colour temperature: Warm white 3,000 K
Angle of spread: 45° 
Fitting: Outside and inside 
Other information: Cold white 6,000K also available at the same price

Lighting diode strip 3-pack 
Light any area with a thin, easily attachable lighting diode strip. 
No.3 but can be expanded to up to 5
Temperature range: – 20-50 °C
Colour temperature: Warm white 3,100 K
Angle of spread: 120° 
Fitting: Outside 
Other information: Replaceable rings in white or silver included.