Our story

The story of Clas Ohlson began back in 1918, when Mr. Clas Ohlson from the small Swedish town of Insjön decided to see solutions rather than problems, and started selling things that made day to day easier.

Our passion for smart products is evident in everything we do. This is a heritage from our founder. Our genuine interest in reliable and clever products is a reason why we have been successful every year since the start.

Our company culture is distinguished by the unique Clas Ohlson spirit, which is characterised by responsibility, team spirit, mutual respect and an open exchange of thoughts and ideas. We care about customers, employees and the community as a whole. Sustainable development and CSR work is fundamental to the Clas Ohlson business. Low staff turnover, excellent ratings in employee surveys and award-winning customer service are all a result of our founder’s philosophy.

Clas Ohlson UAE
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SYH Retail, part of Al Homaizi Group of Companies

Clas Ohlson has partnered with SYH Retail, part of Al Homaizi Group of Companies to bring the brand to the UAE and other GCC countries.

Al Homaizi Group of Companies, a family business based in Kuwait, was founded in 1961 and since then has succeeded to establish a long and solid franchise experience by operating global brand partnership businesses throughout the GCC Region and Northern Africa. The Al Homaizi business represents home furnishings, fashion and food with brands such as IKEA, Burger King, Franklin and Marshall and Pizza Hut among others.