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12 ways to show your love

Valentine’s Day; it’s unavoidable unless you live under a rock. But if the very thought of the day inspires dread, don’t despair just yet! In Sweden, the day is known as ‘Alla hjärtans dag’, or ‘All Hearts Day’, focusing not just on a single loved one but all loved ones. At Clas Ohlson, we’re about the whole family, so we’ve put our heads together to come up with 12 ideas for showing love to those you care about. Because after all, you don’t have to be *in* love, to give love.


1. Tell them how great they are

Think the world of your parents but never quite know how to tell them? Why not fill a jar with small squares of paper, each one containing a little message of why you appreciate them. They can take a look if they’re ever feeling down or under-appreciated, and it will be sure to bring a smile to their face!

2. Do a chore that you never usually would

Still live at home with your parents? Watch their faces light up as you clean the kitchen completely unannounced, or vacuum the entire house from top to bottom. Even if you flew the nest a long time ago, you could still pop round and mow the lawn or help them spring clean – they’ll appreciate the gesture!


3. Play a game with them that they love

Quality time is one of the greatest gifts you can give, and what’s more, it doesn’t cost a thing. Dedicate time to playing their favourite game, or introduce them to a new one and enjoy all the fun and laughter that comes with it.

4. Tell them a story about friendship

Friendship is one of the purest forms of love, and can last a lifetime if it’s cherished and tended to. Loads of kids’ books are based around the concept of friendship, or if you’re feeling imaginative then why not make up your own ongoing story. Using cuddly toys as the characters will really get the kids invested in the storyline.


5. Give them a call

Whether your grandparents live just round the corner, miles away or in a different country, pick up the phone and give them a call. Spending time chatting to them about what they’ve been up to, and updating them on your news could really make their day.

6. Help them out with something techy

If you do live nearby, why not pop in and help them out with something they’re struggling with. From computer issues to iPhone struggles, spending an hour or so showing them how to do something techy will help boost their confidence and make their life easier going forward!


7. Write them a letter

Nothing beats the rare thrill of receiving a hand-addressed letter through the post. Whether it’s a funny letter, a letter of appreciation, or just a letter to check in and let them know you care, grab a pen and get writing! And if you’re feeling extra fancy, why not address it with a calligraphy pen?!

8. Pop ‘round for a coffee

Or invite them over, make them a hot drink, cut them a slice of cake and put the world to rights. Before you know it, the whole afternoon will be gone and you’ll both leave feeling uplifted and grateful for your friendship.


9. Take them for a long walk

Your dog loves you, and you love your dog – but how to show them when you can’t speak Woof?! Show your love by taking them for a long walk, throwing the ball even when you get bored, and letting them splash around in the biggest puddles – and watch that tail wag furiously!

10. Treat them!

This one is pretty obvious, but whether it’s some tasty pet treats or a new toy, a small token gift is a way to give back to your furry bundle of joy!


11. Cook yourself your favourite meal

There’s no rules saying you have to wait for someone else to cook you a slap up meal. Write down your favourite starter, main and dessert and look up recipes for them online – then get cooking, plate up and enjoy the pure indulgence!

12. Be kind to yourself

Self-love is one of the most important forms of love, but often the most overlooked. Learning to love yourself will in turn make it easier for you to show love to others. Remind yourself consistently of your good points, compliment yourself like you would a friend (try writing uplifting messages on a lightbox), and most of all go easy on yourself – you’re doing just fine!

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