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The product is discontinued.

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Article number 36-5227-1

iBAC Smartphone Breathalyser

  • Compact and convenient breathalyser for using together with your
  • Breathalyser results are shown via the app in your mobile.
  • Available for both Android and iPhone.
  • Certified to Swedish Police breathalyser standards.
  • Rechargeable battery good for approx. 100 tests.
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A keyring-sized breathalyser which connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Blow into the breathalyser and the result will appear in an app on your phone and be logged with the time and date. The app can even use your personal drink tracker profile to estimate when your BAC level is safe enough for you to drive. Patented and inovative fuel cell technology - extremely accurate and small. Certified to the same standards as the Swedish Police's breathalysers. Built-in lithium-polymer battery which can perform 100 tests on a fully charged battery. Charged via Micro USB. CE-certified in accordance with EN 61326-1:2006, LVD and FCC. Size: 73x27x16mm. Weight: 36g. Aluminium body.

What’s iBAC?

A reliable and compact alcometer.
With the patented iBAC technology, accurate professional results are achieved. Extremely portable. So small that it can fit on a keyring. Bluetooth connectivity is achieved via the smartphone iBAC app.

Developed for official use.
iBAC complies to the same specifications as used by the police but is distinctly smaller. Tested by Sweden's MHF (The Swedish Abstaining Motorists' Association) which rated the product with its highest performance award and regarded the product as "reliable and dependable".

Connects to cloud services via your smartphone.
Results are sent to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Test results are then displayed on your phone, but can also be sent to Alcosystem's cloud services on the Web.

Reliable results.
For secure identification, the individual's GPS position, photo, telephone number and MAC address is referenced. Reliable readings even if similar devices are being used in the vicinity. If no Internet connection is available during testing, test results will be stored in encrypted form until an Internet connection is re-established.

Value for money.
iBAC technology is developed for stringent governmental use yet priced for the consumer. The most value for money you can get when compared to its competitors.


How is iBAC tested?
iBAC was tested by Sweden's MHF (The Swedish Abstaining Motorists' Association) which rated it in its highest possible reliability category.

How do I access the readings?
iBAC connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. The iBAC will then create a personal history for your readings. Results are shown directly in your telephone and test results are logged with both time and date.

What is the highest and lowest measurable value range?
iBAC displays values between 0.00 and 2.00‰. A warning message will be shown if the range is exceeded.

What is the level of accuracy for low-level readings?
At 0.2‰: +/-0,04‰.

What is iBAC's accuracy level?
Accuracy: +/-0,02 mg/l for alcohol concentrations up to 0.20 mg/l. +/-10 % of nominal alcohol concentration levels for readings over 0.20 mg/l.

How are the test results saved?
Data from hundreds of tests can be saved in your smartphone. Storage capacity for the cloud service is unlimited.

What types of batteries are used and how long is battery life?
The instrument uses a lithium-polymer battery and lasts for about 100 readings before needing to be recharged.

The device's light flashes red when charging. Use the included Micro USB charger. The plug is found by removing the mouthpiece.

Does it matter how one blows into the instrument?
Yes. Blow evenly and continuously until the green indicator lamp is lit.

When do you have to calibrate the iBAC?
The device should be calibrated every year or after 365 readings. Contact Clas Ohlson when your smartphone app prompts you to recalibrate your device. For the instrument to function optimally, it is important that it is recalibrated in a timely manner.

How does the fuel cell work and is it reliable?
Most experts agree that fuel cell technology is the best technology for alcometers. iBAC's level of accuracy for low-level readings is +/-0.04 ‰.

Are iBAC readings corrupted by cigarette smoke?
iBAC readings are immune to nicotine, which certain other breathalysers are not. There is no problem to use the iBAC if you are a smoker, but do not blow smoke directly into the mouthpiece during a reading.

Do you need to change the mouthpiece after every use?
Replacing mouthpieces does not change results but you may wish to change mouthpieces regularly because of hygienic reasons. Three mouthpieces are included. Extra mouthpieces can be purchased separately.

What is the housing made of?

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Packaging size 14.5 x 8.5 x 3.6 cm
Packaging weight 92  g


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