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Article number   38-7720

FlashForge Finder 3D Printer

399.99 (incl. VAT,  ex. delivery)

  • Easy to use, fast and quiet 3D printer.
  • Built-in memory, USB memory and Wi-Fi enables printing without a computer connection.
  • Print models, prototypes, jewellery, replacement parts, or whatever you desire.
  • Prints large models up to 140x140x140 mm = 2.74 litres.
  • Multiple printing options and large touchscreen for displaying easy-to-read instructions.
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Rated "Very good 8/10" on Norwegian consumer test site TEK.NO Read the entire test here.

Easy to use, compact and value-for-money 3D-printer with an impressive 0.05 precise minimum layer. Plug-N-Play technology, perfect for both beginners and advanced users alike. Easy to get started with for quick and satisfying 3D results.

Modern, quick and quiet operation. Perfect for companies, hobbies or school. Print models, prototypes, jewellery, parts, or whatever you desire. The FlashForge Finder has a printing capacity of up to 140x140x140 mm (2.74 litres) with a print speed of 24 cm³/hour. 50 dB quiet operation with a fan-cooled extrusion nozzle which keeps the work surface at a consistent even temperature for sharp and accurate printing.

Computer independent operation
The FlashForge Finder comes ready-built and ready to use in just a few minutes. No computer connections are needed to begin printing. You can print directly from a USB stick for computer independent printing or avail yourself of a computer connection via the USB cable or through Wi-Fi. The printer comes with an easy-to-use touchscreen for making settings, build plate calibrations and managing printing from a USB thumb drive.

Quiet operation makes this printer ideal for the office, classroom or late-night work sessions at home. Start printing from a computer or connect a USB flash memory and press start. Have your print ready overnight or when you come home from work. Thanks to the printer's built-in internal memory, you won't need your computer on during the entire printing process, as larger projects can take a considerable amount of time. The memory saves many of the latest printed models, so it is easy to always go back and make copies in any colour that suits your tastes.

Practical build plate
Removable, unheated build plate equipped with a build sheet for optimal adhesion to the print surface. Print directly onto the sheet or the glass surface of the buid plate once it is prepared with a coating of glue or covered with easy to remove blue masking tape. The build plate is easily removable and the pre-cooled extraction nozzle will ensure that you will not burn yourself while performing this operation. This printer has a generous 14x14x14 cm, 2.74 litre build volume which is greater than many other printers at this price point. If you wish to print larger models you can print in two or more stages and then join the parts together by gluing or welding.

It is essential that the build plate is correctly calibrated before printing for the first time. Normally, calibration only needs to be done once. The display will help guide you through this process for easy calibration.

Standard 1.75 mm filament
The FlashForge Finder uses standard 1.75 mm PLA filament (600 g filament spools sold separately). The filament cassette is integrated into the printer and protects against dirt and dust infiltration and automatically senses how much filament is left on the spool as well as providing instructions via the touchscreen. Multi-filament (max melting point 240 °C) printing capabilities for filaments such as PETG, PLA Wood or TPU. The printer also supports 1 kg filament rolls if mounted on external caddy. Using an external filament caddy will require that you attend to your printing manually.

Easy-to-use software
The included FlashPrint programme has multiple features including a user-friendly interface for scaling, rotating and model positioning onto the build surface. The software also enables simple conversion of 2D illustrations into 3D models. Print files are then transmitted to the printer via the included USB cable, Wi-Fi or USB flash drive. At you can download thousands of completed models that others in this community have decided to share. Why reinvent the wheel?
Use the CAD tool available at to make your own 3D models.

Delivered as a complete printer setup - easy to get started
The FlashForge Finder printer comes complete with cables, PLA white plastic spool (1.75 mm filament), 2 build sheets, glue stick and a USB flash drive with FlashPrint software, quick-start guide, instruction manual and 3D sample models. Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 and Mac OS X 10.9 or later.

FlashForge Finder advantages compared to similar printers in the same price class:

- Larger prints
Decide how large you want your prints to be. The software allows you to easily print out in stages so that you can later glue them together to make a complete model. This will allow you to make any sized models regardless of size.
The FlashForge Finder printer has a print capacity of up to 140x140x140 mm in size, which is equivalent to 2.74 litres.

- Print via Wi-Fi
Print wirelessly. Great for printing when you find yourself in another room and don't want to have to physically be near the printer to carry out all your printing jobs.

- Print directly from a USB flash drive
Save any multi-part model onto a USB drive and print directly using the touchscreen completely independent of a computer.

- Touch screen
Manage all your 3D printing projects quickly and easily from the touchscreen. Similar printers are often missing controls/touchscreen and require a constantly active computer connection during the entire printing processes. All settings and adjustments will also require computer control.

- Integrated printer memory
Printers without internal memory require that a computer is connected throughout the entire printing process, which can be as long as up to 30 hours. The FlashForge Finder printer saves many of the latest printed models in its internal memory, so it is easy to always go back and make copies in any colour of your choice.

- Thinner layers
Decide how detailed your models are by using the fine-adjust resolution settings. The FlashForge Finder can print layers as thin as 0.05 mm.

- Higher print speeds
Printing 3D models can take considerable time, so having a high-speed printer is always a blessing. The FlashForge Finder prints at a quick 24 cm³/h.

Find complete models available for printing
There are many forums available online for gaining inspiration, finding help or complete ready-to-print models. Some of the most popular sites of this type are Thingiverse, GrabCAD and All3dp.

The Norwegian tech site TEK.NO tested the FlashForge Finder and gave it a score of “8 out of 10 Very good”.

Flashforge 3D – Create your own models.

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Make FlashForge 
Model number Finder 
Number of extruders 1 pcs
Heated build platform No 
Enclosed print chamber No 
USB port Yes 
Length 505 mm
Width 500 mm
Height 545 mm
Weight 11.5 kg
Packaging size 52.5 x 50.5 x 50 cm
Packaging weight 15  kg


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