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12 bright ideas for making your home more energy efficient this autumn

Take control of your energy consumption. We list the bright ideas that help you cut your energy bills.

28/08/2013Print article

By Elina Blom

Turn your thermostat down one degree
Get a thermometer and keep an eye on the indoor temperature. You can save quite a lot of money almost without noticing by lowering the heating just a little bit.

“For every degree you lower the heating, the heating cost falls by 5 percent,” says Helena Ahlkvist Johansson at the Swedish Energy Agency.
Draught-proof your windows
New windows often make for major heat savings but they are also a big investment. If you aren’t planning to replace your windows, you can re-insulate your existing ones. It’s a good idea to draught-proof your exterior doors while you’re at!

Here’s what to do:
1. First, give your existing draught proofing a thorough check. If it looks dry or has started to come loose, it’s time to replace.
2. Remove the old draught proofing strips from the windows.
3. Put the new strips in place so that they are squeezed together when the window is shut.
4. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Replacing your old window insulation with new strips will cut your energy bills.
If you seal a house that is self-ventilating, you need to monitor the ventilation to make sure the house is healthy. Make sure you’ve got the right balance between ventilation and draught proofing.
Switch to energy-efficient light bulbs
Something as simple as replacing the light bulbs in your home with more eco-friendly alternatives can result in cutting a lot of unnecessary energy consumption.

“If you swap all your bulbs for energy efficient ones, you could save about £100 a year,” says Helena Ahlkvist Johansson at the Swedish Energy Agency.

Energy-efficient light bulbs including low-energy bulbs and LEDs shouldn’t be put in with regular household waste. Make sure you recycle them in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Choose energy efficient bulbs and save money.
Energy saving bulbs
Switch everything off at the touch of a button
If you want to save energy, it’s a good idea to make sure your electrical appliances aren’t all using power on standby. By linking your plug sockets to a remote control, you can turn off all the power in your home when you leave the house and turn everything on again at the touch of a button when you come home. You can also divide the home up with different buttons for each room, just turning the power on in selected rooms. By using a Tellstick, you can even control your home electricals from your phone!
Replace your old radiators
Inefficient radiators can use a lot of energy without giving off very much heat. Swap old or inefficient radiators with new, more efficient ones. Think about where you position your radiators to maximise their effect.
More tips from the professionals
- Defrost the freezer.
- Pick up a good habit; turn off the lights when you leave the room, run the dishwasher when it’s full and only run full loads in the washing machine.
- Choose an energy-efficient heating system suited to the needs of your house, e.g. ground source energy or an air/water heat pump.
- Turn down the sound on TVs and computer monitors.
- Get a water-saving shower head.
- Check the energy rating when you buy any new electrical appliances.
- Close the doors of rooms you don’t spend much time in. Turn the thermostat down a little bit more...

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