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Barbecue guide.

When the barbecue comes out, you know summer has arrived. Hot off the press, and the barbecue, our guide helps you choose the best barbecue for you.

31/05/2013Print article

When the barbecue comes out, you know summer has arrived. Read our guide for all you need to know about barbecues and barbecuing. And find the perfect barbecue for you – a large kettle barbecue with charcoal big enough for a party or a smaller picnic barbecue; it’s a matter of taste.

By: Emily Asserbäck

The smell of barbecues is in the air in gardens, parks and restaurants, while cookery books and food programmes are full of people cooking outdoors. The barbecue season is finally here and it’s time to take your culinary skills one step further. Whether you’re a master of cooking over an open flame or this is your first time, it’s important to be on top of the basics.

Top tip – never cook on the BBQ without oil.

– “Keep a spray bottle of oil beside the barbecue and spray the food before putting it on the grill,” says barbecue expert and chef Mathias Herlev Hansson, owner of the Ekensdal venue outside Stockholm.

For a good barbecue it’s important to have the right equipment and the right ingredients. Before buying a barbecue, think how much you are going to use it and the type of cooking you will be doing. Are you looking for a picnic barbecue that’s easy to carry or a robust piece of kit capable of keeping the whole family fed throughout the summer?

– Personally I’d go for a classic kettle barbecue with briquettes because it produces the best heat, the best smoke flavour and because you can cook in so many different ways. An LPG barbecue is a great addition if you’re short of time and need to get the food done quickly but you can do everything you need to on a charcoal barbecue,” says Mathias

The Classics


If you want to barbecue with briquettes

Coline Kettle BBQ
Coline kettle barbecue in black enamel with a briquette holder for indirect grilling and a nickel-plated grill.
57 cm in diameter
Height 89 cm


If you barbecue once a year or so

Kettle barbecue
A simple kettle barbecue on three legs ideal for those who barbecue a few times a year. The barbecue is in enamelled sheet steel and has an ash tray underneath.
42 cm in diameter
Height: 79 cm





If you want to barbecue the easy way

Coline Kettle BBQ
Coline kettle barbecue with enamel lid and base. Comes with a chrome-plated grill and a briquette holder for indirect grilling. Built-in thermometer in the lid. The barbecue also has a removable ash tray.
57 cm in diameter
Height 97 cm




Picnic barbecues


If you’re short of space

Pop Up Picnic BBQ / Pop up-grill
This pop-up barbecue is perfect for a picnic in the park or at a campsite. In Teflon-coated steel, it can withstand high temperatures. The barbecue folds up to only 5 cm high, making it easy to carry in the shoulder bag included.
28 cm in diameter


For picnics with style

Kettle BBQ / Picnic
A value-for-money kettle barbecue as perfect for the garden as it is for the park. The barbecue comes in three different colours and the latched lid and sturdy handle make it easy to carry.
36 cm in diameter.





For spontaneous barbecues

Disposable BBQ
The simplest barbecue imaginable, perfect for instant barbecues.Disposable BBQ with everything apart from matches – and whatever you are going to cook – in one easy pack. Easy to carry and easy to dispose of.




Tips and advice...

The quest for the perfect embers is a hot topic during the summer and here patience is a virtue. 20 minutes is a good rule of thumb. Mathias recommends using a chimney starter to achieve those perfect, white embers.

– Place the chimney starter on the kettle barbecue, pour in some scrunched up paper, some firelighters and fill with briquettes. Light from underneath and wait for 20 minutes until you’ve got the perfect embers. Pour the charcoal into the barbecue and wait another five minutes before starting to cook.

The barbecue expert on...


Lump charcoal or briquettes?

Lump charcoal burns up so fast that I prefer briquettes. If you’ve got a chimney starter, it’s easy to get good embers and you don’t need to use so many briquettes.

Meat or veg?

I’d put in a word for barbecuing vegetables. Invite people round for a barbecued summer salad with a quick vinaigrette, the perfect accompaniment to all the protein about!
Add your own smoked taste by cutting some wood chips from your favourite tree, soaking them for a while and then throwing them onto the glowing coals for a unique smoky flavour.

Some bright ideas to make barbecuing easier:

Barbecue briquettes for perfect, even embers.


A pack of Flamax Eco-100 firelighters make lighting easier.





Clean the barbecue with cleaner or check here for how to get your barbecue clean and spotless afterwards.


Mini barbecue thermometer
Keep an eye on the temperature of your meat and ensure perfect cooking every time with this handy four-pack of thermometers.
Length: 6 cm.





Grill basket
Stop food from falling through the grill with a grill basket in non-stick coated steel with a soft, easy to hold handle.
Length: 67 cm
Width: 28 cm
Height: 9 cm


Barbecue tongs
Barbecue tongs in stainless steel make it easier to handle food on the grill.


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