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Build a charging station

Most homes are full of things that need charging: Mobile phones, I-pads, electric shavers, toothbrushes…

19/06/2013Print article

Make a cupboard where you assemble all your chargers and charge all your gadgets in the same place.

Text and photo: Sofie Sjöström

1. Cut out the pieces
Cut out all parts (A-E) in MDF, either at the timber yard or yourself. File and sand all the cut edges with sandpaper.
2. Undercoat and paint
Undercoat, allow to dry and paint all parts using the colour of your choice. Tip! If you undercoat and paint the parts before you assemble them, you will get a better result inside – later it is harder to reach all the pieces.

3. Cut out the opening
Cut an opening (13 x 13 cm) on the back (A) using the jig saw, so the wall power socket fits inside the cupboard – and you avoid visible cables.

4. Make slots for the cables
Drill three holes with the 10 mm drill according to the illustration on the top piece (B) and then cut slots for your cables to pass through.

5. Wallpaper
Roll the front (D) with wallpaper glue. Attach the wallpaper to it.

6. Cut away extra wallpaper
Cut away the extra wallpaper on the back of sheet with the knife blade (D). (You can miss out stage 5 and 6 and instead paint with the colour you chose above.)

7. Mount the frame
Predrill, counter sink the screw heads and assemble the frame using parts (A), (B), (C) and (E).

8. Conceal the screw heads
Apply filler to the screw heads on the cupboard. Allow to dry and sandpaper smooth.

9. Paint
Paint another coat of white paint over the surfaces that need covering. To give the wallpaper a durable surface, you can also roll a coat of transparent varnish over the wallpaper.

10. Assemble the legs
Screw the two furniture legs on the bottom piece (B).

11. Mount the power multi socket
Mark where you will place the power multi socket on the back of the cupboard on part (A). Drill holes and feed the stainless steel wire through the hole. Place the power multi socket inside the cupboard and fix the wire on the back.

12. Attach the hidden wall mount
Mount a hidden wall mount on the back to attach the cupboard to the wall.

13. Attach the cupboard door
Screw the front of the cupboard in place to the frame with a piano hinge.

14. Mount the magnetic lock
Screw the magnetic lock in place on side piece (E) and front piece (D).
15. Attach to the wall
Place the cupboard where you have access to wall power sockets and attach it firmly.

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