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Build a cool storage unit for your firewood

Wood baskets are all very nice, but isn’t it time for a cooler way of storing your firewood? We show you step by step how to build an attractive storage unit for your wood.

12/03/2013Print article

Make something attractive to store your wood in instead of hiding it in that tatty old basket you’ve had forever.

Idea, execution and photography Mattias Wenblad
Text Anna-Maria Stawreberg


1. Saw out all the parts
Saw out the parts as illustrated in the diagram with a compound mitre saw.

2. Sand down all rough edges
Sand the outer edges with 120 grade sandpaper; avoid sanding the edges that are to be glued together.

3. Prime and paint
Prime the parts, let them dry and then paint them with wood stain.

4. Drill with the plug cutter
Mark out where you have to drill and then drill this with the plug cutter, which is a combination of a drill bit and a countersink.

5. Put the frames together
Limma och skruva ihop delarna så att du får fem rektangulära ramar.

6. Make plugs
Hide the screw heads with wooden plugs. You can buy ready-made plugs, but you can easily make your own plug from an offcut using the plug-cutting set.
Glue the wooden plug into the hole you’ve drilled.

7. Saw off protruding plug
When the glue has dried, saw off the part of the plug that is protruding with a Japanese saw. Sand, prime and paint the plug.

8. Paint frames
Paint the frames one more time and let them dry.

9. Mount frames
Screw all the frames to each other as in the diagram.
10. Mount on wall
Mount your wood storage unit on a suitable wall with two screws.
Tips! The wood storage unit can also be used to store newspapers.

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