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Fabulous photos

Never take boring pictures again. Learn from professional photographer Sara Arnland.

07/01/2012Print article

Text and photo Sara Arnland


1Take a lot of pictures
Buy several memory cards and learn from the professionals: take a lot of pictures and make your choice later. Usually the first picture in a series of pictures is not the best one, especially when it comes to portraits and action filled scenes. Thanks to digital technology, extra pictures do not cost you any extra and you only have to keep the pictures you really like. Memory card Kingston Secure Digital HC 8GB, (38-2690) A TIP! Buy several memory cards and take as many photos as you like!

2Up Close and Personal
Avoid unclear pictures with tiny details by going up close. The closeness gives a more personal and alive feel to the picture. Going up close with a wide-angle lens almost always gives a more interesting picture than if you use the zoom.

3The best camera is the one that you always bring
You don’t necessarily need the latest camera in order to get great pictures as most cameras actually do a good job. The most important thing is that your camera is small enough that you can always bring it with you. Memorable moments usually happen when you least expect them. Why not have different cameras for different occasions, such as a waterproof camera for underwater pictures!

4Think about the light
The light is the photographer’s best friend. Avoid taking pictures in the middle of the day when the sun is high, since strong sunlight gives a cold and unflattering light. Take your pictures in soft and warm evening and morning light or in the shade. Also experiment with the direction of the light; you don’t always need to have the sun behind you when taking pictures. Pictures against the light creates a romantic atmosphere and sidelight emphasizes the shapes in your pictures.

5Get creative with the flash
When the natural light is not enough the flash comes in handy. If you use the flash to light your picture you can take pictures against the light without the objects in the foregroung turning into just silhouettes. The flashlight also gives the picture a higher contrast and the colours are stronger.

6Don’t forget the people
Sure, it’s nice to have photos of famous places, beautiful buildings and funfairs, but will you remember who you shared this experience with and who you met on the trip in twenty years time? Take pictures of your loved ones at home and away, at celebrations and in everyday life situations. Pictures of little misadventures might not seem that memorable when they happen, but they are usually some of the funniest pictures after a few years.

7Turn the camera
Most cameras are designed to be comfortable to use in a landscape format. Maybe that’s why many of us have photo albums filled with pictures in that format. Get more active and vary the composition of your pictures!

8Change perspective
Challange yourself by finding new perspectives and test how they can change the expression of your pictures! Try using a stand. Play around with angles and heights! Stand Gorillapod mobile  can be used on flat surfaces or to grip onto objects.

9There are no rules
Forget all the rules about how a “good” picture should be composed. Good holiday pictures are photos that stir emotions and memories from great trips and exciting meetings, everyday life and celebrations, regardless of whether the horizon is leaning, the picture is blurred, too dark or too bright or if only half of grandma is in the picture.


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