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Light up the garden

Are the days getting darker? Light up your surroundings with atmospheric lighting.

11/09/2012Print article

Swivel solar lighting on a stick can be moved around the garden.

In the last three years a lot has happened in garden lighting. A big reason for this is all the easy to use and good value products which have come onto the market. LED lighting has also helped. It is now possible to light up the garden energy-efficiently with smaller light sources, says Kerstin Engstrand, gardening author, journalist and photographer.

– Before you start it is good to look over the garden and make a rough plan. Go out on a couple of dark evenings with a torch. Invite a friend to help, who can stay inside and look out at the result. “It is often from inside the house that you enjoy the lighting, so it is important that it looks good from that direction. But also think about what you want to draw attention to. Light up the part of the garden you are especially pleased with.”

– A common beginner’s mistake is to think too big. Take a small part of the garden at a time and add to it when you are ready. Achieving a perfectly lit garden can take several seasons. Remember also that the light should not be blinding when you are sitting inside.


Choose lighting that can be changed and make sure you can turn off the lights from the house.
– “Garden lighting also gives you a feeling of safety. Light up entries and garden paths,” suggests Kerstin Engstrand.

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