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Replace your hard drive

Replace your hard drive with a flash drive!

04/05/2012Print article

By Anders Reuterswärd Photo Viktoria Davidsson

If your Windows operating system seems slow and runs heavily at the start, one of the reasons could be is that the hard drive is a slow component. Change it for a flash memory based SSD disk and you will definitely notice a difference. The procedure is not very hard, but some computer experience makes it easier. Kingston’s SSD Now upgrading kit contains all you need: both software and hardware. Before you start you have to remove data from your “C” hard drive so that there’s less data than on your new disk (a 15 percent margin is needed). Move the data to another disk, USB or DVDs in the meanwhile (everything can be put back afterwards).

Computer components are very sensitive to static electricity. Use an antistatic bracelet as a protection against invisible sparks.


1 Remove the Hardisk
Turn the laptop upside down and loosen the small screw which holds the hard drive. Lift or pull out the hard drive, which is usually underneath a small lid. Sometimes the drive is located in a particular container. Loosen the screws and take it out if that’s the case on your computer..

2 Insert the hard drive
Open the lid on the attached disk cabinet (pull the control to open and push the flap to the side). Push the old hard drive in place and put the lid back..

3 Put the disk in place
Put the new disk in place. Make sure that the contacts connect. If there are strings or holders, assemble these on the disk first. Put on the lid and screw it back. Connect the cabinet to the old disk using the USB cable.

1Take The Computer Apart
Loosen the screws which hold the lids and lift off the lid of your desktop computer. Put on your antistatic bracelet and connect the alligator clip to the computer’s chassis..

2Adjust the size
If your new disk is smaller than the regular type. Attach the metal strips on each side with the small screws and it will fit.

3Screw the disk in place
Fix the new disk in a free hard disk space in the computer using the bigger screws. There’s usually space above or below the old disk. Two screws are enough if you cannot reach in the back.

4Connect the cables
Connect the red SATA cable to the black outlet on the small electricity cable for the new disk. The other end of the SATA cable should be connected to such a free outlet on the motherboard (they are usually marked SATA).

5 Secure the electricity supply
The white contact on the electricity cable should be connected to a free corresponding contact. They usually hang freely in the computer box. Then put the computer back together.
How to copy the disk

Set BIOS as the starting point from the CD. You open the BIOS settings by pressing F2, F10, Del or Esc when the computer starts. This may vary.

2 True Image
Start the computer with the Kingston CD in the CD-ROM drive. The program Acronis True Image HD starts. Click on the upper one of the two choices you’re given.

3 Click
Click on Clone Disk. You’ll see a new window and there you should click on the icon that says Next.

4 Choose
Make sure that Automatic (you can choose Manual if you know how to do it) is chosen and then click Next. Click Next and Proceed in the following boxes.

5 Cloning
Copying (cloning) of the old disk to the new one now takes place and might take a few moments. When this is done, re-start the computer. A laptop should now start normally, but quicker. The old disk in the cabinet can be used as an extra disk. For a desktop computer you might have to go back into BIOS and re-set the starting procedure again. Change it so that the computer starts from the new disk. Then you will notice a quicker start-up on this computer as well. Use the old disk for storing and for programs.

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