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Table lamps | Clas Ohlson

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Looking for a table lamp? Then look no further!

We like our lamps and hope that you do too. Especially our trendy models. Our lamps come in a variety of designs and materials. Several of our lamps have mix-and-match bases and shades, so that you can create a design to fit your own particular tastes. Table lamps not only provide extra light where needed, they are also a good way of expressing your personal style and help you change the atmosphere in your home. Table lamps also provide a decorative element when placed in windows, just like they do in Scandinavia. Try it out. If rather you're looking for a good desk or reading lamp, then look no further because we have a good selection of these too. Check out our selection here or come by one of our stores and we'll help to light your way to finding the perfect lamp for you and your home.

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Useful products and solutions have been our passion at Clas Ohlson since 1918. Covering all things home, multimedia, electrical, leisure and hardware, we have 1000s of ways to help you solve everyday practical problems.


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